Here goes nothing!

Hello world! I have been trying so hard to make sure that this blog is “perfect” & it’s gotten to the point where I don’t even want to open my computer because I know I will just delete whatever work I get done. Yes, I have been trying to be a perfectionist when I know I am so far from it.

Today as the chaos of being a momma of two was carrying on, God stopped me in my tracks & I realized that if I was waiting for the perfect time, pictures, blog, etc that I would never get it done or better yet, get it started. I am not one to be a perfectionist but I kept waiting until it felt like the perfect time to start putting my thoughts, tips, etc on social media again…. and to just to clarify: I am NOT a good typer or good with grammar. Apologies in advance! 😉

So, after the light bulb went off in my mind of just getting over the fact its not going to be perfect it hit me…. No one wants to read something that is full of perfection because honestly that is NOT REAL. None of us should try to portray perfection because we are so very far from it. Instead, I am taking a new approach to my blog: transparent, raw, messy, inspiring, & REAL.

Sometimes as a mom I just want to know I am not alone & that I can do it! I want to know that I am not the only one who eats her food & finishes her toddlers plate too. I want to know that sometimes I oversleep & miss my workouts. I also want to know that I CAN juggle being mom, wife, friend, & keep time for myself to workout, read, etc. Sometimes we just need that extra push to keep pressing on towards the things God has called us to do! I am praying & stepping out of my comfort zone to bring just that to you!

I will be sharing my thoughts, struggles, workouts, & tips with you on this blog!

I hope to inspire you in a way that will empower the greatness that is inside of you! Yes, even you mom’s who feel like all you do is change diapers & wait for your showers! I know as a mom that sometimes I am screaming inside to share & do things God has laid on my heart. So, ladies, what are we waiting for?? God has built greatness inside of you! Circumstances do NOT control us! God has given you everything you need to go after your goals so don’t wait on the perfect details to start! START NOW!

***I wanted to get some great pics of my family to post on here but honestly, that is easier said than done. Here is what we look like most mornings, afternoons, ….. well, until bath time! Ha! 😉 My husband is not pictured but don’t worry… He is my biggest supporter, best friend, & I am sure will make his blog debut at some point!

ImageHow we usually look 😉 (Jace, Momma, Jaylee)

Jace is 3 in 2 weeks & Jaylee is 6 months old


What can I say? This is the real me! 🙂


“I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Philippians 4:13


3 thoughts on “Here goes nothing!

  1. Cute!! Love the pictures!! I’m glad you’re writing a blog again, your words and thoughts are always uplifting and inspiring!!

  2. Nice Job! Let’s go Mets! Rooting for him as it looks like he’ll get the start in opening season instead of Johan Santana.

  3. Lookin great sister!! Loved the blog! Your little family is an inspiration to many. I saw your mom yesterday and she seems to be doin great. It sounds like Jeremy is having a good start. Love and miss you all. Kiss the babies for me!!

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